Who We Are

  • Game publisher and publishing partner targeting south east Asia
  • Webtoon & Webnovel publisher and publishing partner targeting Indonesia
  • January 2015, company established
  • March 2015, Facebook social casino "Casino Star SEA (South East Asia)" Service
  • October 2016, launching Comica, webtoon service in Indonesia
  • November 2016, launching Comica App on Google Play Store

Kakao Games: one of the strongest game publishing company in Korea
Pati Games: best SNG developer in Korea listed KOSDAQ

Our Business

NeoBazar is a company engaged in Game Publishing and webtoon service. As a Game Publisher we have been publishing some very successful games.

As a webtoon service provider, we are coming as a place for comic artists who wants to hone their talents so that they can become one of awesome comic artists in the future.